Pale blue and Red?

The back patio and carport looked like they hadn’t been stained in five plus years.  And the pale blue and red color looked just awful.  Also, had to replace the board the on the patio roof because it had quite a bit of rot.  The charcoal is quite an improvement.  Plan on also staining the underside of the roof of the carport to keep the bees off it but other projects will probably take precedence … that and watching football.  Am going to paint the fiberglass roof of the patio white on top and black underneath.  The before picture of the patio was taken before I purchased the property.  On the back of the carport the area that is still pale blue is tin; haven’t decided what I want to do with that.


Stairway to Closet

With a 900+ sqft home sometimes you need to make space where you can.  Since my basement is a small dirt floor half basement, it isn’t use much.  Converted the stairway to coat closet.  Tore down old wood shelves, pulled up linoleum and carpeting off the wood landing, and scraped way partially remove wallpaper that was later painted over.  Painted three coats of white pigment primer and installed a closet kit.


Follow along as I slowly fix up this Pre-1900 rowhouse in central Pennsylvania.  I am going to back date the first few post so that it follows with the timeline from purchase.  I hope to do most of the work myself and while not incompetent I haven’t had the most experience doing this type of work.  So, I hope this will become a nice DIY guide to home repair and improvement from a novice viewpoint. Enjoy!